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Our Services

Solutions Architecture and Engineering

We work with key stakeholders to identify and develop new solutions to empower our clients' businesses

Provide recommendations for future-proof, scalable solutions using Hadoop and other Big Data technologies

Develop operational prototypes to provide functional, usable solutions that achieve the most critical goals

Solution Overhaul

We work closely with technical teams to investigate and explore existing data architectures and use cases

Deliver recommendations for overhauling existing solutions using Hadoop and other Big Data technologies

Develop the solutions using real data sets to produce real results

Deployment and Configuration

We work together to identify the Big Data needs of our clients, ensuring the chosen software stack is optimal

Install, configure, and validate the initial setup of Big Data software

Remain vendor-agnostic to fit our clients' needs, whether it be Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks, or Pivotal

Training and Mentorship

We offer courses on Hadoop ecosystem projects led by our trained professionals who work with these technologies every day

Teach content containing high-level overviews, use case studies, sample end-to-end solutions, and technical hands-on exercises

Transfer knowledge and enable engineers to be self-sustainable, whether the course is chosen from our catalog or custom-built